Cnc Flame Cutting Machine

We SH Electronics Co. have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of CNC Flame Cutting Machine model Equi-CUT LG.
Successfully invented CNC Cutting machines series it can carry advanced technology and fill the gap of cutting machine. Meanwhile our CNC flame cutting machines have been using stably in many Industries like Metal Profile Cutting Industries, Heavy Fabrication Industries, Special Purpose machine Manufacturer, Jigs & Fixtures Manufacturer, Sheet Metal Industries, Agricultural Equipment manufacturing, Auto parts manufacturing Industry.
CNC Flame Cutting machines also known as CNC Cutting machine, CNC Profile Cutting Machine, CNC Oxyfuel cutting machine, CNC Plate Cutting machine.

Standard Features :

• Cutting width available 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0 meter as well as customized as per customer expected Sizes
• Cutting length available from 3.0, 6.5, 13.5 meter as well as extended as per customer expected Sizes
• Longitudinal and transverse energy feed drag chains, hose/ cable clean and move smooth
• DC Stepper drive amplifiers for years of maintenance free operation
• DC Stepper motors for wide speed range with accurate speed control
• For High Torque Planetary gearbox equipped as per application
• CNC controller 7 or 10.5 inch colour screen, allows entering the program directly on the system or transfer files through USB drive
• Nesting software available for Programming
• Single torch station available with standard set, another station will be added as per request
• Maximum machine Rapid speed: 5000- 10000 mm/min
• Precision Linear Rail Hiwin, PMI or SKF, Drive Engagement for X Axis movement
• T-114 T section rails, adjustable steel mounting pads for adjusting height, level, straightness to get accurate movement in Length
• Oxy Fuel Edge Prep Station - for straight line bevel cuts in either X or Y direction
• Oxy fuel cutting thickness: 5 mm- 200mm

Models :

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